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Telephone: 310.503.8225



Wheelbrain is a new privately-held company devoted to inventing and developing new products for the Action Sports industry. Based in Los Angeles, California, USA, we are proud to announce our first product, Cecol.

Serious investment inquiries are welcome.

Please watch this site for new products. Coming soon is Wheelbrain, bound to rethink the sport of in-line skating.



Roy Malekpour, founder, owner and chief inventor of Wheelbrain.

Largely self-taught, Mr. Malekpour is the inventor of Cecol. His life-long interest in mechanical engineering began when was a child in Tehran, Iran, often building his own toy cars from scratch. He attended The Institute of Jordan, Tehran, a private academy. At age 17 he immigrated to the United Kingdom. In the UK he attended Openshaw College, studying mechanical engineering, and Pierrie Alexandria Academy, studying fashion hair design.

Shortly after immigrating to the United States in 1984, Mr. Malekpour joined the Great Peace March. Along with 500 other global nuclear disarmament activists, he spent 11 months travelling across 3600 miles across 14 states from California to Washington D.C. on foot.

Mr. Malekpour currently resides in Los Angeles, California. When he is not developing his inventions or restoring classic automobiles, he regularly indulges in his love of action sports. Southern California’s year-round sunshine, miles of beach bike paths and nearby mountain resorts allow for ample opportunities for cycling, in-line skating, and downhill alpine skiing.

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